Top 3 Artsy Reasons To Visit Portland

Hello Lovely Peoples,

This weekend I made the road trip from Seattle to Portland, OR. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I have to FORCE myself to go out and have fun!

Not because I’m a work-a-holic (HA!). Not because I have a demanding career (my current job is great work/life balance). Not because I don’t LIKE to go out.

It’s because sometimes I’m scared to try new things. Crazy, huh? You’d think the excitement alone of a new experiences would outbalance my fears but…not always! Have you ever felt like this? Fortunately, I’ve been working on trying new things and doing stuff simply because I feel like it. 😉

But back to the title of this post!


Top 3 Artsy Reasons to Visit Portland…

  1. Powell’s City of Books; it’s supposed to be the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world! 10614269_10152380389943920_4430171800852954578_n

















This bookstore takes up an entire block! Three stories of row after row of books!!

Powell's City of Books





















2.  Art; Seriously. It’s everywhere!

portland street art




























Portland Art  Pecularium


















Pecularium art gallery portland




















3.  The HUGE kaleidoscope at the The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium. An oddities museum that’s haunted. Or so the locals claim. Also, art gallery and an ice cream parlor inside!

kaleidoscope art














kaleidoscope art


















kaleidoscope art



















kaleidoscope art



















This is my favorite one. 🙂

kaleidoscope art
















And I leave you with this picture of my mint green vans. They served me well for all the walking done in this trip! 😀

mint green vans



Pearls are a Girl’s Best Friend

I don’t like diamonds.

I know, I know. *GASP!*  Not really sure why. But I do love pearls. 😀


What type of pearls do you like best? I’m in love with ivory toned watercolor pearls.



pearls 16

pearls 10

pearls 9

pearls 27

pearls 3

pearls 15

pearls 25

pearls 21


pearls 7

pearls 5

pearls 12

pearls 6

girl in tub of water

pearls 22

pearls 26

pearls 14

pearls 2


Disclaimer:  These photos are not my property, they have been collected from different public sources including different websites, considering to be in public domain.

Put on your Snazzy Hat

Tito & YayaIt’s been a bit since the last post.

I’ve been working 50-60 hour weeks what with 2 jobs and trying to keep up with college credits. Burn out was inevitable!

And then, this past week my grandmother passed away. It felt…odd. So lonely, yet unreal. I still cannot fathom the implications of never seeing her again within this lifetime. I shan’t bore you with sentimental descriptions of her beauty or stories of her one true love.

Instead, I want to tell you how she lived a remarkably long life (90 years), and overcame a frightful youth. In her early 20’s she ran away from her family and moved to a new city to start a new life. She was brave. Stubborn. Opinionated.

On the day of her funeral, my grandfather wrote her a letter. I have taken the liberty to quote from it…


“…Sweetheart, hon, toots,

I loved,

You loved,

We loved,

And we will always love each other…”

But there is one thing I will always remember of grandma. She was not afraid of bold colors or patterns. Heaven forbid old age stop her from wearing what she pleased!

As is usually the case, I have  turned to artistic expression for a small measure of comfort. Grandma was not one for hats per say, but color, yes. I know she would have enjoyed this showcase as much as I did.

For after all, one is never too old, too young, too tall, too small for a snazzy hat. Enjoy, loves.











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002b321229fdbaf2399a61643b970cc5 - Copy

1c2858274f5295dc0beddecdc17305ce - Copy


Just Call Me Della Street

For those of you that follow my blog, you know that I work at Barnes & Noble. I love books, but I realized I needed a different job that was more of a resume builder, if you get my drift.  Well, guess what happened this week?

I got hired to be a bilingual legal secretary! 😀

Now when I was a kid, I always dreamed about being either Lois Lane or Della Street. We all know who Lois Lane is, of course, but how many of us know about the fantabulous Della Street?


article-2199344-14DECCE4000005DC-111_634x494Della Street is mostly known as the legal secretary in the long running Perry Mason TV series. The first appearance of Della Street’s fictional character, however, came about in Erle S. Gardner’s unpublished novel Reasonable Doubt.

Gardner’s novel described her this way: “Della Street …Secretary, twenty-seven, quiet, fast as hell on her feet, had been places. Worked in a carnival or side show, knows all the lines, hard-boiled exterior, quietly efficient, puzzled over the lawyer, chestnut hair, trim figure, some lines on her face, a hint of weariness at the corners of her eyes.”

But back to the Perry Mason TV series…

I always felt that her immense loyalty and bravery were what kept her boss, defense attorney Perry Mason, in business. Not to mention all the crazy overtime she put in!

Della Street was one badass secretary.

She always kept a cool head, showed empathy to distressed clients, and got to join Perry Mason and his private detective (Paul Drake) in all sorts of crazy adventures.











Perry Mason14




And of course, I just had to put some color shots as well! 😀 Hope you enjoyed reading about one of my childhood heroes. Until the next time…

Brandi Carlile: The Story


Have you ever heard of the song, The Story?

It’s one of the few songs that I truly identify with.  When I first popped into Seattle almost a year ago, I literally had only two suitcases and about $30. Every time I listen to this song, I feel as if it’s performer, Brandi Carlile, had walked a proverbial mile in my shoes.


Brandi Carlile (born June 1, 1981) is an American country and rock singer-songwriter. She has released several albums including The Story, which was featured on the end credits of  the romantic drama, The Lucky One.

Her music encompasses a variety of country, rock, blues, and indie styles.


As Carlile expressed it, “If I could be anything to the music industry, it would just be sort of a human eraser of lines between genres, just because it’s so damaging — ‘they’re on that team, I’m on this team.’ ‘I don’t like country.’ ‘I don’t like rap.’ I would just really like to prove to someone that doesn’t like country that they do.”


I love that pretty much every shot has her holding on to her guitar, as if it were her faithful sidekick.  😀










brandi-carlile-325.jpg w=512&h=341








Macaroon Delicacies

jklHave you ever tasted Macaroons?

I’ve been curious to taste them ever since I read the memoir, Paris, My Sweet. The author described all sort of French pastries in a way that made me feel I wouldn’t have a life until I had tasted at least ONE macaroon. 😉

So last week I went scrounging downtown Seattle (where I live), for Le Panier, the only French bakery in town I was aware of.  I wanted to buy all sort of French breads, but refrained myself from spending too much. So I only  bought three macaroons. A raspberry and hazelnut ones for me, and a coffee one for Boyfriend.

Unfortunately, I found I didn’t quite like the raspberry one. I found it too sweet. The hazelnut was alright though. It’s very sad, considering how excited I was to taste them!

But they’re still pretty to look at ! 😀

















pink macaroons




macaroons jk






Hope you enjoyed all the pretty shots. Have a lovely weekend, dolls!