Top 3 Artsy Reasons To Visit Portland

Hello Lovely Peoples,

This weekend I made the road trip from Seattle to Portland, OR. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I have to FORCE myself to go out and have fun!

Not because I’m a work-a-holic (HA!). Not because I have a demanding career (my current job is great work/life balance). Not because I don’t LIKE to go out.

It’s because sometimes I’m scared to try new things. Crazy, huh? You’d think the excitement alone of a new experiences would outbalance my fears but…not always! Have you ever felt like this? Fortunately, I’ve been working on trying new things and doing stuff simply because I feel like it. 😉

But back to the title of this post!


Top 3 Artsy Reasons to Visit Portland…

  1. Powell’s City of Books; it’s supposed to be the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world! 10614269_10152380389943920_4430171800852954578_n

















This bookstore takes up an entire block! Three stories of row after row of books!!

Powell's City of Books





















2.  Art; Seriously. It’s everywhere!

portland street art




























Portland Art  Pecularium


















Pecularium art gallery portland




















3.  The HUGE kaleidoscope at the The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium. An oddities museum that’s haunted. Or so the locals claim. Also, art gallery and an ice cream parlor inside!

kaleidoscope art














kaleidoscope art


















kaleidoscope art



















kaleidoscope art



















This is my favorite one. 🙂

kaleidoscope art
















And I leave you with this picture of my mint green vans. They served me well for all the walking done in this trip! 😀

mint green vans



Van Gogh Would Approve…

Guess what ?

I found the cutest buttons for our site!   😉


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Girl on the Run: another Seattle adventure

lonely-girl-on-the-bus-1280-1024-7838I’ve had quite an eventful month!

Of all things, I got assaulted on the bus. Yes, you read right. Not having a car, I’ve been commuting on the bus ever since my move here to Seattle.

Apparently I was lucky enough to have a mental case board my bus about a week ago. When he was thrown out the bus (after bothering me and another girl), he broke a bus window. I got off soon after on what was my stop, only to have mental-case-dude start following me out of seemingly nowhere.


Talk about freaking out.


I began to walk away but he was screaming incoherently, demanding attention. At some point he got upset because I was ignoring him, and reaching toward me, managed to rip a button off my dress.


Thankfully, this little damsel in distress was quick enough to deliver him a swift open palm strike and run fast.

What followed was true movie material. I was in hysterics and called a friend of mine. He came over immediately, and insisted I call the police. So I did.

Before I knew it, an officer arrived at my place and took a written statement. Followed by some paramedics after I started having a panic attack. Once I was back to semi-normalcy, a  sketch artist was called into the adventure. Yes, you read right. A freaking sketch artist. Then they took my dress for DNA evidence.

Two days later, a private detective contacted me, and asked if I felt up to identifying the mental-case-dude from a photo montage she had created. So I did.


daily_painters_blog___coffee_cup_with_spoon_oil_painting_by_northern_california_artist_mark_webster_0d7a274d316ca0ecf075d6685531ee4bWe met over coffee.

After pointing him out from the other shots, she confirmed the bus driver had pointed out the same guy. Fortunately for us, mental-case-dude was stupid enough to leave perfect finger imprints on the bus window he broke.

Mental-case-dude is on file for over 66 misdemeanors.

Two days later, the private detective called to inform me that mental-case-dude had been apprehended and is currently booked in jail.



All of this took place in scarcely 5 days.

I’m suddenly thankful that life was not been a walk in the park for me, because otherwise I’m afraid I would have plummeted under the stress of those 5 days. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Or so the song says.

And now, I have a bizarre story to share on the blog. And maybe for the future grandkids as well.

Art by Dina Argov


During my first years of college, three of my friends were majoring in art.

Two were painters and the other a photographer. I remember spending literally hours in the art studios, watching them and others paint. Sitting on the nearest stool, I would ask them billions of questions about brush techniques and color pallets.

Up until then, I had taken rich colors for granted. For the first time in my life, I became aware of concepts such as light, shadow, and depth.  Once I began to observe the world differently, my writing changed drastically.

For those of you new to this site, I am an avid writer.  I now notice infinite details I never captured before, my mind working like a filming camera everywhere I go. It’s almost as if my eyes are taking rapid succession of shots from the scenery and people around me. Shots and snippets that are stored in my memory for future use when developing new story concepts.

It is mentally exhausting at times to process so many details, but once having trained my mind to do so, I would never go back to the old me.

I will always be grateful to my old friends, Grant, Betsy, and Abigail. Because of them, I will always hold a unique respect for artists.


One artist I currently admire is  Dina Argov, an illustrator and designer, based in Israel. Her talents include traditional oil painting, watercolor, pen and ink drawing, and computer processed images. She has a surreal and whimsical approach to art, interlaced with bold strokes of color.

The art featured in this post is a short collection of her works. Many of these are available for sale in her Etsy shop or on display in her site, Art by Dina Argov.














Isn’t she amazing? I’d love to have the creativity and patience to do something like that!  But then again, I’m not sure anything can compare to the thrill I get of writing away till the wee hours of the morning finishing a poem or another chapter for my book. 😉

To all the lovely dolls and handsome gents that peruse this blog, happy Sunday! 😀