Macaroon Delicacies

jklHave you ever tasted Macaroons?

I’ve been curious to taste them ever since I read the memoir, Paris, My Sweet. The author described all sort of French pastries in a way that made me feel I wouldn’t have a life until I had tasted at least ONE macaroon. πŸ˜‰

So last week I went scrounging downtown Seattle (where I live), for Le Panier, the only French bakery in town I was aware of.Β  I wanted to buy all sort of French breads, but refrained myself from spending too much. So I onlyΒ  bought three macaroons. A raspberry and hazelnut ones for me, and a coffee one for Boyfriend.

Unfortunately, I found I didn’t quite like the raspberry one. I found it too sweet. The hazelnut was alright though. It’s very sad, considering how excited I was to taste them!

But they’re still pretty to look at ! πŸ˜€

















pink macaroons




macaroons jk






Hope you enjoyed all the pretty shots. Have a lovely weekend, dolls!


9 thoughts on “Macaroon Delicacies

  1. Unfortunately I’m not a great fan of macarrons, they are a bit too sweet for me… 😦 which I do regret because as you said they look so nice and are so pretty, I mean all those colors just open up you appetite! But there are also so many other nice french patisseries to taste too!! πŸ˜‰ x

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