25 Inspirational Fashion Sketches

Hello lovely dolls and handsome gents that may happen to peruse this blog !!

I’ve always enjoyed looking at both vintage and modern fashion sketches/illustrations.  I always like the ones that had a Barbie look to them the best, for some reason. haha 😉  And if it has swirls and lace, I am one happy girl !

( I uploaded some designer sketches from Pinterest and designers like Ellie Sab and Bob Mackie. None of the designs are mine, and no copyright infringement intended. )

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did… 😀



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13 thoughts on “25 Inspirational Fashion Sketches

  1. Gosh I love these. For many years growing up I was obsessed with sketching fashions – clothes , clothes and more clothes vintage and 70’s (not at all like what is shown on TV and in movies). I especially loved things that Barbies confident, cool friend Midge would wear. Great dreamy indulgence. These sketches show perfectly what fashion sketching is all about. I learned to sew as an early teenager so I could have creativity in my clothes. Kids, career, etc. came along so I now longer sew or daydream. I have a middle age body that struggles to look good in any clothes in spite of a lot of exercise and vegan diet. What’s so strange is that now I enjoy being a plastic injection tooling engineer. Life has many unexpected turns.

  2. These are AWESOME. How long do they take to make? Utterly BEAUTIFUL.

    I can imagine you sketching in the back of your school books, a teen. Excellent job, finding your self. You shine.

    • Thank you, but these sketches certainly aren’t mine! 😉 Although I DID take art in school, and a large still life drawing would take me around 30 hours so… yeah…give or take! 😀

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