10 thoughts on “Of Peacocks and Dainty Doll Houses

  1. That’s beyond beautiful…I loved it & I love you to doll! Really humbled by that…I just try and spread some sunshine…the world is such a cold place, though I never really pay attention to the effects it has on people…I guess that’s how you become big-headed when you pay attention. But, I’ve always got time to say thank you and truly this means a lot to me, really am humbled you would take the time to seek out doing this. Thank you from my whole heart for this, it has brightened my day & I just love peacocks, so beautiful!! Love you doll ❤ ❤

  2. Peacocks always reminds me of Kizzy as well. I love her blog! I have a bunch of peacock feathers in a vase in my living room. I bought them at the flower market at Columbia Road in London, when I still lived there. They make me feel close to the home I left and still miss and I would never give them away. Did you see the BBC series “The Paradise”? That’s another thing which stands for peacock feathers in my mind. It’s a beautiful series, set in the victorian age in an amazing luxurious shopping mall. There are always peacock feathers. I think you would love this series.
    Have a wonderful day my dear, xx

    • I haven’t seen that series, but I love BBC so I’m sure it would be worth checking out! 😉 You have peacock feathers in your living room! Sigh…that would make me smile. I should get some for my place too!

  3. These peacock pictures are so beautiful! What a fabulous tribute! Kizzy is the best. She’s always so uplifiting and lifting everyone around her up. A sincere girl.

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