Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine are an English indie rock band. Their name stems from an old private joke where the band members combined Florence Welch’s (lead singer) and Isabella “Machine” Summers (keyboards and background vocalist) names together.

Something that separates their latest album, Ceremonials (2011), apart from their earlier album, Lungs (2009), is that their songs’ lengths are very long. The shortest of the 12 tracks is 3:49, but most of them reach about 5 minutes in length.

And I love this! You know that feeling you get when you’re listening to your favorite song and it ends all too soon? Well, I never have to worry about that with Florence + the Machine.   😀

Florence is a very passionate creature. You can tell that immediately from her fiery red hair and her emotional performances.

Personally, I admire Florence’s themes and costumes. While every musician has their own way of expressing art, Florence somehow manages to pull off both whimsical and bizarre as one. And her choreography is breathtaking!!


10 thoughts on “Florence + the Machine

  1. i love long songs too! i really love her STYLE! it’s something different from what we’re use to seeing. very glam and full of life! i will have to check out their songs. thanks!

  2. She looks so powerful! Thank you for your lovely words on my pictures. I’ve had an introduction course into photography in school, but only work with it in order to document the things I made at work. I just love taking pictures and I seem to have kind of a hand and an eye for it 😉

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