Fruit Turkey!

Have you ever seen a fruit turkey before?

I hadn’t! Aren’t they amazing? It’s such a creative idea for Thanksgiving. My friend and I made one today. It turned out beauuutiful!

I’m originally from Mexico, and Thanksgiving is not celebrated there since it’s really only an American holiday. But now that I live here I’ve quite come to enjoy it!

Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving with people who love and appreciate you for who you are!

Much love, dolls!

Here are some turkey cupcakes as well! Because it’s not a holiday if you don’t have cupcakes! 🙂

And…a few other fun ideas for the kids!

This is for the moms! Great decorating ideas for next year! 🙂

And, a few funnies for all of us…

Well, hope you enjoyed this random conglomeration I pulled off for a post!

Thank you so much for visiting again and Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Fruit Turkey!

  1. I have never made a fruit turkey, but it is on my list to do next year! hahaha That is the cutest girl. So glad you had a blast with your friend. I love being in the kitchen for Thanksgiving. You always learn something new!

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