The Why Behind “Parasol Dreams”

Welcome to our new blog!

Thank you so much for visiting me here!  I originally started a blog called Musings in Red, but I soon realized I had to split my dear blog in two. My plan was to start this inspirational blog and a book review blog. (Still working on the book blog, but will keep you posted.)

The name “Parasol Dreams” was inspired by two things.

First, I live in Seattle where it rains 99.7% of the time. It seems as if I always carry around some sort of umbrella!   Second, I never want to be ” too old” to dream about pretty things.

This blog will be a simple corner where I share all dainty things that inspire me. Things like cupcakes and  parasols. A good cup of coffee. Photography. Music. Art.

Nothing big, just a little haven of peace and beauty.

Welcome, dolls!



6 thoughts on “The Why Behind “Parasol Dreams”

  1. I love your new blog and follow it on FB now. The new name is very pretty. I was thinking about this delicate chinese umbrellas first when I read it. You will never be too old to like beautiful things for sure! I am curious about your new book blog as well my dear friend. Love, Sara xx

  2. Hi! Can you email me, please? I need to ask you a work question before I get back from Scotland next week. Hope you’re doing well!

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